Two years from 2nd Dan/Poom. To be recommended by B.T.C.B. instructor (4th dan or above) or by written confirmation from B.T.C.B. Executive Committee.

Candidates must show confidence, good technical ability and understanding of the mechanical principles in all areas of taekwondo. Performance in all areas must be dynamic and must show fluidity, variety and imagination

Candidate to have attended at least one seminar held by B.T.C.B. technical team since their last dan grading.

Tae Baek to Tae Geuk
Il Jang (1)
Choice of two by grading panel. Start and finish on same spot. Hit your targets. Use two hands to block and strike. Show speed, control, flexibility,
balance and concentration of spirit.

One-for-One Sparring - Performed on the spot, exhibiting varied techniques and speed. All techniques should be applied to relevant targets.
One-Step Sparring - Exhibit varied techniques including take-downs. The attacker punches at the nose with meaning. The defender must move, block and counter with different techniques on each side and using good basics as above. To start, the attacker kihaps, then the defender. At this point the attack begins. The only kihaps from then on are as the defender strikes.
Free Sparring - Wearing full protective equipment, exhibit scoring techniques, with controlled light contact and speed. 2 minutes duration, with change of partner for a further 2 minutes. The aim is to show your ability to attack and defend using different heights and techniques. An understanding of current sports fighting techniques is essential.

Against knife attack Thrust, slash & down stroke, right & left hand. Attacker must be disarmed. The aim is to show control of the knife by means of blocks, locks, strikes & take-downs

Two-directional; candidate’s choice. Senior: 1 inch. Junior (under 16): focus mitt. The aim is to show proper control of your kicking foot or hand, standing foot, balance & distance.
These are the recommendations for 3rd Dan/Poom by the B.T.C.B. Technical Committee.


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