Minimum 3 months from 5th kup (Instructor’s discretion)

Students should show power, accuracy, balance and some fluidity of movement. There should be no (or insignificant) errors in the patterns and good balance in sparring. Sparring must show good control.

Tae Geuk 5 (Oh Jang): Wind
Plus any 2 previous patterns

Stances - Cross stance and as previous
Blocks - Reverse 360° techniques of all previous
Strikes - All previous into multiple combinations and as previous
Kicking - 360° hooking kick, 360° back kick, jumping front kick, for height and distance, jumping turning kick and as previous

One-for-One Kicking - Jumping kicks and as previous
One-Step Sparring - As previous
Free Sparring - As previous

Locks, releases & throws; close-quarter techniques; attacks and counterattacks to vital or sensitive points

16 years and above Jumping front kick, jumping turning kick and as previous


Punch Jireugi
Back Kick Dwi Chagi
Thrust Chireugi
Axe Kick Chiko Chagi
Strike Chigi
Knife-hand Strike Sonnal Chigi
Elbow Palkoop
Forearm Palmok
Palm Batang Son

These are the recommendations for 4th Kup by the B.T.C.B. Technical Committee.              


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