Minimum 3 months from 6th kup (Instructor’s discretion)

Students should perform techniques correctly with moderate power and good accuracy. There should be no significant errors in the patterns and good balance in sparring. Sparring must show good control.

Tae Geuk 4 (Sah Jang): Thunder
Plus any 2 previous patterns

Stances - Crane, tiger and as previous
Blocks - Combination of knife-hand and fist in all stances and as previous
Strikes - Hammer-fist, all previous in 360° techniques and as previous
Kicking - 360° half turning kick, 360° crescent kick, hook kick and as previous

One-for-One Kicking - Combination of all previous kicks, touch contact; body protectors to be worn
One-Step Sparring - Five techniques; instructor’s choice; no takedowns; body protectors to be worn
Free Sparring - No contact, light (‘touch’) contact or full contact, at instructor’s discretion

Locks, releases & throws; close-quarter techniques; attacks and counterattacks to vital or sensitive points

16 years and above; elbow, sidekick, front kick and palm heel (˝–1 inch; plastic or timber) dependent on size and age. Instructor’s discretion.


Turning Kick Dollyo Chagi
Easy Stance Pyeonhi Seogi
Attention Stance Charyot Seogi
Parallel Ready Stance Naranhi Seogi
Left Wen
Right Oreun
Fist Joomeok
Knife-hand Sonnal
  • Learn the Taekwondo Oath - 

    • I do solemnly promise to abide by the rules and regulations of the Taekwondo association strive always to be modest, courteous and respectful to all members in particular to my seniors put the art to use only in self-defence or in defence of the weak.

These are the recommendations for 5th Kup by the B.T.C.B. Technical Committee.              


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