The British Taekwondo Control Board Gibraltar held its Tercentenary Senior and Junior Kyorugi Competition on June 2004. Kyorugi is Korean for sparring. Prior to the competition the junior members took part in a spectacular exhibition. The exhibition was divided into two parts. The first part was dedicated to self-defence where the participants demonstrated a varied repertoire of self-defence techniques in diverse situations where a student was attacked by a single assailant, followed by two assailants and finally by an armed assailant. The second part of the exhibition was dedicated to destruction techniques where the youngsters demonstrated their ability in this field on single and double targets.
As far as the Kyorugi competition was concerned it was an overwhelming success with the participants demonstrating their fighting ability much to the satisfaction of everyone present. The competition culminated with a thrilling bout between Alexander Trinidad and Dean Chipolina, which had everybody at the edge of their seats.

Ernest and Edward Garcia (3rd Dan) organizers of the event were justifiably proud of their student’s ability a worthy reward to their coaching and preparation. All participants were presented with medals and Gibraltar Taekwondo Association T-Shirts in recognition of their hard work.

The result of the competition areas follows:

Juniors Result:

8-9years 10-11years 11-12years
1st Aidon Garcia 1st Kathryn Rocca 1st Leon Garcia
2nd Lorena Garcia 2nd Gayle Garcia 2nd Jonathan Huart
3rd Kaylan Balban 3rd Rahul Daswani 3rd Rohit Ratanpal
3rd Shannen Requena

Seniors Result:

Welter weight 72kg to 78kg Light weight 67kg to 72kg
1st Julian Mcgrail 1st Dean Chipolina
2nd Mahesh Chellaram 2nd Alexander Trinidad
3rd John Robba
3rd Matthew Perez

All other Participants:
Dana Garcia Jake Pocock Zamiel Cano Aidan Beazley
Ashley Garcia Natalia Santana Jamie Gonzales Cheryl Romero
Thomas Loddo Keisha Ballester Kyle Dixon Calynn Mclaren
Lewis Howells Kylie Montovio Kieron Martinez Liam Howells
Janelle Posso William Cross Andrew Gingell Kayleigh Martinez

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