Minimum 3 months from 7th kup (Instructor’s discretion)

Students should perform techniques correctly with some power and accuracy. There should be few errors in the patterns.

Tae Geuk 3 (Sam Jang): Fire & Sun
Tae Geuk 2 (Ee Jang): Joyfulness
Tae Geuk 1 (Il Jang): Heaven and Light

Stances - Attention; ready; walking; back; long; horse riding and as previous
Blocks - Cross low, cross high, twin knife hand middle and low and as previous
Strikes -  Spear finger thrust, knife hand strike (inside and outside), palm heel and as previous; combinations of simultaneous blocking and striking
Kicking - Step-through turning kick and side kick, skipping half turning kick, and as previous

One-for-One Kicking - Combination of all previous kicks; no contact
Three-Step Sparring - Instructor’s choice
Free Sparring - No contact, light (‘touch’) contact or full contact, at Instructor’s discretion

Locks, releases & throws; close-quarter techniques; attacks and counterattacks to vital or sensitive points

16 years and above, elbow, sidekick, front kick and palm heel (˝–1 inch; plastic or timber) dependent on size and age. Instructor’s discretion.


Kick Chagi
Front Kick Ap Chagi
Side kick Yeop Chagi
Half Turning Kick Bit Chagi
Front Rising Kick Ap Cha Olligi
Twin Knife-hand Guarding Block Sonnal Momtong Bakkat Makki
Arm Pal
Hand Son
Leg Dari
Foot Bal
  • Tenets of taekwondo Etiquette, Modesty, Perseverance, Self-control, Indomitable Spirit

These are the recommendations for 6th Kup by the B.T.C.B. Technical Committee.              


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