Six years from 6th Dan. To recommended by B.T.C.B. Technical Director or B.T.C.B. Executive Committee.

Due to the high status and responsibility that this position imposes on a successful candidate, the candidate must submit a written statement that details their personal future ambitions within the B.T.C.B. and the W.T.F. The statement should clearly demonstrate the practical ability, philosophical ideals, commitment and dedication that is expected of such a position. It will include a national & international dimension within the context of furthering W.T.F. Taekwondo for and on behalf of the B.T.C.B. A successful candidate will be expected to contribute towards these aims in a formal or official capacity within the B.T.C.B. and/or other international body, such as the W.T.F. or the ETU. The statement should reflect the candidate’s plans or ambitions for this and will consist of at least four A4 pages, equating to approximately 800 words

Candidate to have attended at least one seminar held by B.T.C.B. technical team since their last dan grading.

Chong Kwon to Koryo
Choice of two by grading panel. Start and finish on same spot. Hit your targets. Use two hands to block and strike. Show speed, control, flexibility, balance and concentration of spirit.

One-Step Sparring - Exhibit varied techniques including take-downs. The attacker punches at the nose with meaning. The defender must move, block and counter with different techniques on each side and using good basics as above. To start, the attacker kihaps, then the defender. At this point the attack begins. The only kihaps from then on are as the defender strikes.

Against knife attack Free style; thrust only. Attacker must be disarmed. The aim is to show control of the knife by means of blocks, locks, strikes & take-downs. Attacks are continuous. Against grabs Free style. Attacker must be taken down. Attacker has the choice of how and what to grab. Seated self-defence While seated, defend against hand, knife and baton attacks from a seated opponent While seated, defend against hand, knife and baton attacks from a standing opponent.

Power break (2 inch); candidate’s choice The aim is to show proper control of your kicking foot or hand, standing foot, balance & distance.

These are the recommendations for 7th Dan/Poom by the B.T.C.B. Technical Committee.


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