Back on Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th December 2010, Master Ernest Garcia 5th Dan and Lorena Garcia 2nd Dan participated at the 89th BTCB Dan Grading and Workshop conducted by the BTCB Technical Committee in Mansfield, UK. The Workshop Instructors were the following:

Master Ian Lennox 7th Dan BTCB Technical Director
Master Neil Guest 7th Dan BTCB General Secretary
Master Alan Steeper 6th Dan Technical Committee Member
Master Adrian Tranter 6th Dan BTCB Chairman
Master Mike McKenzie 7th Dan Technical Committee Member

At the Workshop, all areas of our art are covered in depth patterns, basics, self-defence, breaking and WTF sparring. These sessions are well attended because participants appreciate the benefits and advances in their knowledge, which come from being taught by some of the best Taekwondo practitioners in the UK today. 

After the Workshop, Lorena participated in the Dan Promotion Test and successfully achieved her 3rd Dan thanks to her outstanding performance. 

A total of approximately 120 members attended the Workshop and participated in the Dan Promotion Test.

The Gibraltar Taekwondo Association would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Lorena Garcia on her promotion to 3rd Dan. Also special thanks to Masters Ernest and Edward Garcia for their dedication and support during the hard training sessions. Many thanks also to the Gibraltar Sports & Leisure Authority for their sponsorship.

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