Minimum 3 months from 9th kup (Instructor’s discretion)

Students should perform the majority of techniques correctly. Power and accuracy are not essential although there should be evidence that students are learning to develop correct methods for generation of power. There should be few errors in the pattern.

Tae Geuk 1 (Il Jang): Heaven and Light

Stances -
Attention; ready; walking; back; long; horse riding
Blocks -
Head block; low block; inside to outside chest block; outside to inside chest block
Strikes -
Moving in long stance, head section, middle section and low section, double punch, triple punch, single knife hand & elbow
Kicking -
Side kick, turning kick, pushing kick, and as previous (single and double technique); front and back leg

One-for-One Kicking
- Using all seven kicks, no contact
Three-Step Sparring - Instructor’s choice
Free Sparring - No contact, light (‘touch’) contact or full contact, at instructor’s discretion

Locks, releases & throws; close-quarter techniques; attacks and counterattacks to vital or sensitive points

16 years and above, elbow and side kick (˝–1 inch; plastic or timber) dependent on size and age. Instructor’s discretion.


One Hana
Two Dul
Three Set
Four Net
Five Dasut
Six Yosut
Seven Ilgop
Eight Yodul
Nine Ahop
Ten Yul
Pattern Poomsae
Stance Seogi
Long Stance Apkoobi Seogi
Back Stance Dwitkoobi Seogi
Walking Stance Ap Seogi
Horse Riding Stance Joochum Seogi

These are the recommendations for 8th Kup by the B.T.C.B. Technical Committee.


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