British Taekwondo Control Board (B.T.C.B.) Gibraltar recently undertook and successfully completed an international registered instructors course, under the supervision of Master Bill Darlington, 6th Dan. The course entailed various elements such as health - risk safety, code of conduct, ethical standards, child protection policy and insurance synopsis.

(Representatives of the Instructor's Panel)

The international B.T.C.B. Gibraltar instructors are:

Master Edward Garcia                       5th Dan 
Master Ernest Garcia                        5th Dan 
Mr. Alexander Trinidad                       4th Dan 
Ms. Lorena Garcia                             3rd Dan 
Ms. Dana Garcia                               2nd Dan
Mr. Brandon Tosso                            2nd Dan
Mr. Jansen Reyes                             2nd Dan 
Mr. Frederick Martin                          2nd Dan
Mr. Leon Garcia                                2nd Dan
Ms. Alexandra Lara                           1st Dan

All instructors have been vetted by the criminal records bureau, and have been deemed suitable to teach Taekwondo to the general public. The B.T.C.B. is recognised by the sports council as the only governing body for Taekwondo in the United Kingdom.




(Representatives from the Class 2 (Center) Referees)

The B.T.C.B. Gibraltar Class 2 Referees are:

Master Edward Garcia                       5th Dan 
Master Ernest Garcia                        5th Dan 
Mr. Alexander Trinidad                       4th Dan 
Mr. Frederick Martin                          2nd Dan




(Representatives from the Class 3 (Corner Judge) Referees)

The B.T.C.B. Gibraltar Class 3 Referees are:

Master Ernest Garcia
Master Edward Garcia
Mr. Frederick Martin
Mr. Alexander Trinidad
Mr. Brandon Tosso
Ms. Mari Vic Gomez
Ms. Dana Garcia
Ms. Lorena Garcia
Mr. Jansen Reyes
Mr. Gareth Gonzalez
Mr. Leon Garcia




(Representatives from the B.T.C.B. Technical (Poomsae) Judges Panel)

The B.T.C.B. Gibraltar Technical Judges are:

Master Edward Garcia                  5th Dan 
Master Ernest Garcia                   5th Dan 
Alexander Trinidad                       4th Dan 
Lorena Garcia                             3rd Dan
Frederick Martin                          2nd Dan
Leon Garcia                                2nd Dan
Dana Garcia                               2nd Dan

The Gibraltar Taekwondo Association would like to give thanks to Master Neil Guest, 7th Dan and Master Bill Darlington, 6th Dan, for all their help and patience.


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