On Saturday 28th April 2012 the Gibraltar Taekwondo Association (GTA) National Team, composed by 9 junior & 5 senior members, participated at a Seminar in the Polideportivo of La Linea held by Master Francisco Tellez 6th Dan from Seul Gym in La Linea & Algeciras.

The team was accompanied by Master Ernest Garcia together with instructors Lorena Garcia 3rd Dan and Brandon Avellano 2nd Dan.

The Seminar which was attended by various players of the Andalucian Taekwondo Team, consisted of Kyrogui (Sparring) and Poomsae (Patterns) techniques. 

The sparring techniques were being conducted by Master Tellez, Master Garcia and Danny who is Master Tellez's Assistant Coach.  Various players had the chance of practicing with the electronic scoring system, which is now in use at the World Taekwondo Federation.

With the new system, fighters wear special electronic chest pads and socks that create a wireless signal when they hit sensors on their opponentís vest. The change is done to promote fairness in the sport by taking away a subjective element of the judging.

The patterns were being conducted by Master Tellez's daughter Alba who is the current Andalucian Poomsae Champion in individual, pairs and triples category.  Alba's brother Fran is currently Spain's Poomsae Silver medalist.

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