In  June 2000 local Taekwondo Instructors Edward Garcia, Ernest Garcia and Clive Moreno attended a Masters Seminar in London conducted by the British Taekwondo Control Board to which the British Taekwondo Control Board Gibraltar is affiliated.

Following the seminar all three athletes took their 2nd Dan promotion exams with other Black Belts from the UK. Which they successfully passed  were promoted to Black Belt 2nd Dan.

The promotion board was made up by Grand Master Park Soo Nam (8th Dan); President of the B.T.C.B. and Deputy Secretary General of the World Taekwondo Federation, Ian Lennox (6th Dan) Head of the B.T.C.B. Technical Committee and Master Azim Razak (5th Dan) President of the London region Taekwondo.

All three local new Dan Grades were congratulated by the board and other senior belts for their outstanding performances during the promotion seminar.

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