The Gibraltar Taekwondo Association has been participating with the GSLA’s annual “Summer Sports”, for quite a few years now.

The sessions are always well attended and exciting, and are fully enjoyed by everyone who attends.

These sessions are run by the GTA’s qualified instructors together with the help of some of their members.  The children have the opportunity to practice some of the Taekwondo techniques, like kicks and self-defence.  Overall, the training is always full of fun and activities.

In August 2009, the Sports and Leisure Development programme reached the end of 10 years of sporting, leisure and educational activities.

The Sports Development Unit has been headed from day one by Michelle Turner who has worked alongside hundreds of volunteers and sport leaders over the years, to achieve what there is today.

The programme, which Michelle implemented 10 years ago, has changed beyond all recognition with a wide variety of activities for children and young people.

The Gibraltar Taekwondo Association would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Michelle Turner and Victor Hermida on their hard work and also special thanks to the GSLA staff, including those contracted on a temporary basis for the summer only, for their dedication and their assistance shown throughout the programme

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