Welcome to the Gibraltar Taekwondo Association (G.T.A.) website affiliated to the British Taekwondo Gibraltar. This site has been created as the forefront of all Taekwondo events occurring for and behalf the British Taekwondo Gibraltar, the only government recognised Taekwondo association in the British colony of Gibraltar. From this nexus of information we will endeavor to keep informed and up-to-date our colleagues in the British Isles as well as any interested parties with the activities from the British Taekwondo Gibraltar front. We hope you enjoy our website, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries.

British Taekwondo Gibraltar was started in 1999 and officially founded in the same year.  Under this guise  British Taekwondo Gibraltar hopes to keep on increasing its profile within the international Taekwondo arena. We are a non-profit, democratically elected organisation.

If you want to keep up-to-date with all the proceedings taking place in British Taekwondo Gibraltar please have a look at our events page.

As head instructors of British Taekwondo Gibraltar  Master Ernest and Master Edward Garcia  (5th Dan; collectively known as 'The Twins') would like to extend their thanks to all the active members of British Taekwondo Gibraltar, their families and friends for all their continued support throughout the years whose aid has been invaluable in the formation of the current organisation.

Special thanks are to be awarded to:

  • Gibraltar Ministers of Sport.

  • The Gibraltar Sport and Leisure Authority.

  • The Government of Gibraltar Sports Advisory Council.

  • The various Gibraltar media services.

  • The Government of Gibraltar.

  • The British Taekwondo Control Board.

The Twins would also like to congratulate Mr. Jansen Reyes and Mr. Frederick Martin in their notable work in creating and maintaining this website. Additionally we would like to give our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Francis Ferro, for his fantastic photos.








(Kukkiwon Certificate and Flag presented by Master Neil Guest)    ('The Twins' receiving the B.T.C.B. Silver Award) 

About Gibraltar

Gibraltar lies on a small peninsula at the southern most tip of Western Europe overlooking the strait of Gibraltar, the North African coast and Spain.

Gibraltar was occupied successively by the Phoenicians, Carthaginians and Romans but remained uninhabited until the invasion of Spain by the Moors in the eighth century. Gibraltar was held by the Moors and Spaniards alternatively from 711 until 1704, when during the war of the Spanish succession was captured by British forces and ceded to the British Crown by the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713. It has remained British ever since despite numerous attempts to capture it.

Gibraltar's climate is temperate. During the winter months the prevailing wind is from the west. The mean minimum and maximum temperatures during this period are 11 and 16 degrees respectively. The normal pattern in summer is a slight preponderance of winds from the east. A warm breeze laden with moisture known as the levanter, strikes the eastern face of the Rock, condenses in the sky and causes a cloud to hang over the city and bay. During this period the climate is humid with temperatures oscillating between 19 and 27 degrees respectively.

The Rock runs from north to south for a length of nearly 3 miles. It is of a mile wide and has a total area of 2 & square miles. The highest point is 1396 feet above sea level.

The total civilian population of Gibraltar is approximately 30,000 inhabitants of which just over 20,000 are native Gibraltarians. English is the official language but most Gibraltarians are fluent in both English and Spanish.

The imposing shape of the Rock and the unequalled beauty of St Michael's Cave are perhaps the most impressive natural assets of Gibraltar. Its interesting and varied flora and fauna, the migratory birds, and the famous apes, make up a unique combination, which delights the many visitors who come to the rock every year. Gibraltar can boast of having one of the most cosmopolitan shopping centres in western Europe and very appealing tax reduced prices.

Gibraltar Law derives exclusively from English Law. The hierarchy of courts comprise of the Supreme Court of Gibraltar, the Court of First instance of Gibraltar and the Magistrates Court, the last acting as a juvenile court dealing with offences by children and young persons. Appeals from the Supreme Court lie in the Gibraltar Court of appeal and the Privy Council. Company Law is based on the 1929 Companies Act in England.

United Kingdom and Gibraltar Government currency notes and coinage are legal tender in Gibraltar.

It is easy to make friends in Gibraltar. There is much social life and plenty of restaurants from which to choose.

The John Macintosh Hall is the centre of Gibraltar's cultural life. It includes in its many facilities a theatre, exhibition rooms, meeting room and libraries.

There are many drama groups and a drama festival is held in December each year. There is ample opportunity to get involved in the sport of your choice, with wide ranging facilities available throughout Gibraltar.

There are daily scheduled direct flights from the UK. Cruise liners call frequently at Gibraltar and there are regular sea services to Tangiers.

Gibraltar is emerging, as an attractive off shore finance centre, providing all the services required by companies and individuals in a secure environment