The British Taekwondo Control Board (B.T.C.B.) Gibraltar has taken part in the following events. Please click on the desired link to access the relevant information.


2nd International Dan Grading (June, 2000)
3rd International Dan Grading (December, 2002)
4th International Dan Grading (June, 2003)
1st National Dan Grading (June, 2003)
2nd National Dan Grading (June, 2005)
3rd National Dan Grading (August, 2008)
4th National Dan Grading (June, 2009)
5th Intenational Dan Grading (December, 2010)
6th International Dan Grading (November, 2011)
5th National Dan Grading (December, 2011)


1st International Seminar (January, 2004)
1st National Seminar (March, 2004)
2nd National Seminar (March, 2005)
3rd National Seminar (May, 2007)
2nd International Seminar (December, 2010)

National Championships:

4th Junior National Kyorugi Championships (June, 2003)
1st Senior and 5th Junior National Kyorugi (June, 2004)
2nd National Technical Championships (May, 2005)
3rd National Technical Championships (May, 2007)
4th National Technical Championships (September, 2009)
5th National Championships (May, 2011)

National Week Tournament:

1st Gibraltar Trophy National Week Championships (September, 2007)


1st National Exhibition (November, 2006)
May Day 2003
Batuka Seminar (June, 2009)
Martial Arts Festival (October, 2011)


Silver Award (June, 2004)
World Championships (April) 2005
Community Sports Leadership Awards (March, 2007)
Gibraltar Taekwondo Association 10th Anniversary (1999 - 2009)
Commonwealth Taekwondo Union (June, 2010)

Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation Sports Award (February, 2012)
Summer Sports
Mini Olympiad



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