Team Gibraltar currently has a Junior Team and a Senior Team. Both teams regularly compete in both Kyorugui (Sparring) and Poomsae (Patterns) championships.



Strait Games:

VI Strait Games (2003, Los Barrios)
VIII Strait Games (2005, Algeciras)
IX Strait Games (2006, Ceuta)

X Strait Games (2007, Gibraltar)
XI Strait Games (2009, San Roque)



Ultimate Taekwondo Championships (October, 2006) Sheffield, UK

Andalusian Individual League (March, 2007)
1st International BTCB Open (November, 2008) Manchester, UK
National British Championships (May, 2009) Manchester, UK
Barnsley Open 1 to 1 (September, 2009) UK
National British Championships (January, 2010) Manchester, UK
Southern Taekwondo Championships (May, 2010) Dorset, UK
Scottish International Open Poomsae “Patterns” Championships (October, 2010) Grangemouth, Scotland, UK
BTCB University Open (November, 2010)
Southern Counties Open CHampionships (October, 2011) Southampton, UK